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When the Creator first made the world, it was only water and no land. The only creatures were those of the sky and the water, and one day Sealwoman asked her husband, Raven, to make some land so she could rest with her children, feed them and protect them without continually having to swim.
Raven went to Otter for help and asked him to hold a turtle shell on his belly while Raven dove down to gather up bits of mud to stack on the shell. Finally after at time, when the mound of mud of tall enough, Raven asked Otter to take it to the shallowest part of the waters and place it on the bottom. The mud barely stuck above the water, but Raven kept diving down and bring up bits of mud to add to the mound and eventually he made the land world where all things could grow.
The Creator saw what Raven had done and smiled. The Creator asked Raven to continue making the world; so Raven stole the sun and moon placed them in the heavens, he stole the stars and scattered them across the sky. He scooped out the rivers and piled up the hills and mountains. He flapped his wings and stirred the air to make rain and thunder, and the land world he made grew and prospered. He then brought up pieces of mud and shaped them into the various plants and animals that we know and finally he shaped Firstman and Firstwoman, and as the Creator’s vision had taught him, he gave them the earth to cherish, love, and maintain forever.
  • If you ever pulled a practical joke, or 
    • if you have ever been fooled,
  • if you are addicted to puns, or
    • if you delight in confusion, 
  • if you feel constrained by boundaries, or
    • if sometimes you just want to do your way
  • if you are atuned to illusions and games, or
    • or think about cheating,
  • if you have gotten yourself in trouble, or
    • if ever wanted to burst somebody's bubble,
  • if you're too clever for your own good, or
    • if you're too stupid to live,
  • Then there is a good chance that you already have met Trickster.
    • Say Hello to our Little Friend.....